Graduations & Other Events

The Sup’management Group has realized a new partnership with the Paris South University IUT of Sceaux, besides other fertile similar partnerships signed with dozens of other renowned foreign national as well as international academic institutions, in particular:

  • The Euroamerican International University (I.E.U. – Florida ) USA
  • The National Senior School for computer science and informatics for Enterprises and Industry (ENSIIE – Paris & Lyon – France)
  • The school for International High Studies (HEI) – Paris – France
  • The Ibero-American Council for education, a gathering of Latino American Universities – Peru
  • The Affaires and Management School (ENyD) – Spain
  • The Newport University (California – USA).

The considered modalities of cooperation between the two institutions within the framework of the convention as understood and signed by Mr Abdesselam ERKIK IDRISSI, the President of the Sup’management Group and Mr Jean Gilles, Director of the IUT of Sceaux, Mr Jacques BITOUN the President of the Paris-South University are as follows:

  • The Sup’management laureates ‘bac+3’ have the chance to pursue their studies abroad in the Paris-South University of Sceaux - France in order to get ready for the DCG (first diploma leading to the bookkeeping and accounting expertise)
  • Students exchange for ending no certifications courses
  • Exchange of teachers in due periods
  • Any other means of cooperation elected by accord of both parties.


In regard to the agreement as stated above, the Sup’management’s students could now and hence postulate when ready to the DCG (Accounting and management diploma) level Master/bac+3 which will permit them to follow the path to prepare for the DSCG ( High Accounting and Management degree), level Master/bac+5 and Master/bac+5 and for the DEC (high Accounting Expertise, level Doctorate /bac+8).

It’s obvious that such partnerships could only enhance the prestige of the Sup’management’s Group and allow to strengthen its ties, widen and expand its scope through the international community, so to allow its willing students the profitable opportunity to achieve their studies in the most renowned Academic Institutions abroad.