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The Sup’Managemnt Group tends to achieve a new partnership with the well-known French Engineering School « ENSIIE » (National Higher Education School of computer sciences for industry & Entreprises) ,having already signed partnership agreement with dozens of moroccan and International institutions such as :

  • Euroamerican International University(E.I.U) / USA ;
  • School of higher International Education (HEI),the branch of the « European Buisness School »(EBS-Paris),France ;
  • School of affairs and management of Madrid (EnyD),Spain ;
  • Newport university(california),USA ;

In fact, the ENSIIE is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools of engineers in France who are trained as highly-skilled professionals in computer Engineering and who successfully contibute their knowledge and skills to scientific and technological innovations.The school founded in 1968 is actually located in two areas :the first one is in Ivry-Paris, and the second one is in Strasbourg .The ENSIIE has already agreed 18 International Exchange contracts and offers 9 Dual Degrees to students.

Certain considered requirements of the cooperation between the two institutes ,being signed by both presidents Mr Abdesselam ERKIK IDRISSI and Mr Ménad SIDAHMED,are the following :

  • Students’exchange as a part of school causes to obtain « Bac+5 »,degrees (master in engineering,masters in ressources) which are recognized by CTI ( The commission of Designation of Engineering) wich gives the grade of « master’s » degrees.
  • Students’ exchange as a part of out-door activities
  • Exchange of teaches for both long-tearm and short –tearm fixed periods
  • Any other form of cooporetation under common agreement


Thus, Sup 'management’s student, can apply for Diploma of Engineering or Master of ENSIIE, as follows:

1- Degree Of engineering of the ENSIIE :

According to the established norms in France,particularly concerning schools of engineering ,to obtain a degree in engineering from the ENSIIE ,it is necessary to study there for 2 years . Therefore,Sup’Management students can be admited to the 1st year at ENSIIE if they have already got a « Bac+3 » degree (Bachelor’s degree) or the 2nd year at ENSIIE if they have already got a « Bac+4 »degree (fourth year university degree),all of the mentioned above degtrees expect computer engineering and network specialisations.
In the former case,students do 5 terms at ENSIIE (Term1 ,term2,term3,term4,term5 ) and in the latter one they do 3 terms at ENSIIE (term 3 ,term 4 ,term 5) .As for term 6 ,in both cases students are supposed to do internships, wich can be accomplished in France, Morroco or any other country . Students doing term Term 5 and Term 6 can also compete to be admitted for obtaining a Master’s degree in research.

2- Master’s degree:

ENSIIE is authorised to offer masters degress in Computer Science ,vertical reality and operationnel research . Thus, Sup’Management Students can be admitted for M1 (Term 3 ,term4,term5,term6) asa students with a « Bac+3 »degree and for M2 as students with a « Bac+4 » degree. This partnership can obviously permit strengthening of oppurtinities for Sup’Management’s graduates to continue their studies abroad .