School of Tourism

In-depth Senior Cycle : General architecture

The Masters/Sup'management’s can be obtained by graduated High Cycles’ students and professionals (graduated "Bac+3") wishing to acquire a specialized high level professional formation.

The meaning of such cycles is to allow the initiated professionals and officials to:

  • Acquire and master the right tools within a particular domain;
  • To be impregnated with the spirits of high professional responsibilities;

The Formation provided meet the current local need in that matter they are assured by high standing professionals and expertise.

Besides, the end-cycle project becomes the ultimate period linking tightly the student to his or her starting steps into the real world of Business. Support from participating members helps the realization of such anticipations.

Goals aimed to with Sup'management’s Higher Studies/Master (period 2 years):

1 - Ingénierie du Tourisme, Hôtellerie et Loisirs
  • Option 1 :Tourism and Leisure Management
  • Option 2 : Hotels Activities Management

The goal of this cycle is to shape and train professionals and make them able to tackle and manage functions of high responsibilities in the touristic field within international views.

Studies organizations

The Masters are brought forward on the primary formation, either full-time or partial time through Sup'management's different centers. The access to such studies needs:

  • A file-request deposit including the most recent diplomas, the history of internships or functions experiences and the specific intended plans of the student’s project.
  • an interview for a shortlisted candidate.

The courses are organized according to the following scenario:

  • A study cycle lasting two years (a detailed Superior Cycle) accessible to the "Bac+3"

Other Training courses are organized following three schemes:

  • A fundamental axis common to all cycles
  • An axis of expertise with workshops and "memoire"
  • A third axis titled professional internship spent within active enterprises