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Professional Cycle : Studies chart

Semester 1 "Initiation"Semester 2 "Determination"
M1: Techniques of Communication and Expression
CPTH001 Techniquesof Communication and Expression
M2: Languages I
CPTH02 Technical English I
CPTH03 Spanish / German I
M3: TourismEconomyandGeography
CPTH04 Tourism Geography
CPTH05 Tourism Economy
M4: Fundamental Marketing
CPTH06 FundamentalMarketing
M5: Hotel I
CPTH07 HotelOrganization
M6:General Accounting
CPTH08 General Accounting
M7: IT andApplied Mathematics
CPTH09 ManagementApplied Mathematics I
CPTH10 IT and Office Application I
M1: Communication, Culture and civilizations
CPTH11 ProfessionalCommunication in French I
CPTH12 Cultureand civilizations (Western, Orientaland African)
M2: Languages II
CPTH13 Technical English II
CPTH14 Spanish / German II
M3: Fundamental Management
CPTH15 Fundamental Management
M4: Hotelsand Catering II
CPTH16 Table Service Techniques
CPTH17 Hosting Techniques
M5: Accounting Techniques
CPTH18 Accounting Techniques
M6: Professional Environment I
CPTH20 Micro-Project I
M7: Initiating Training
CPTH21 Initiating Training
Semester 3 "Deep learning"Semester 4 "Deep learning"
M1: Communication andProfessional Behaviour
CPTH22 Communication and Professional Behaviour
M2: Languages III
CPTH23 Professional English I
CPTH24 Spanish / German Professional I
M3: Labor Law and Commercial Law
CPTH25 Labor Law and Commercial Law
M4: Hotels Exploitation
CPTH26 Hotels Exploitation
M5: Analysis&Financial Managment
CPTH27 Analysis& Financial Managment
CPTH28 Analytic Accounting
CPTH29 Applied Statistics to Managment
M1: Hotel Touristic Communication
CPTH30 Hotel Touristic Communication
M2: Languages IV
CPTH31 Professional English II
CPTH32 Spanish / German Professional II
M3: Hotelsand Catering III
CPTH33 Hotel handrail
CPTH34 Food Hygiene
M4: Marketing PolicyandConsumer Approach
CPTH35 Marketing Policy and Consumer Approach
M5: Professional EnvironmentII
CPTH37 Micro-Project II
M6: Application Training
CPTH38 Application Training
Semester 5 "Deep learning"Semester 6 "Deep learning"
M1: Languages V
CPTH39 Business English I
CPTH40 Spanish / German Professional III
M2: HR Management
CPTH41 HR Management
M3: Hotelsand Touristic Marketing
CPTH42 Hotels and Touristic Marketing
M4: Hotels Law and Accountancy
CPTH43 Business Law
CPTH44 HotelsAccountancy
M5: Conception and organisation of Festive Events
CPTH45 Conceptionandorganisationof Festive Events
M6: TQG & Professional IT
CPTH46 Budget Management
CPTH47 IT/website creation
M1: Languages VI
CPTH48 Business English II
CPTH49 Spanish / German professional IV
M2: Financial Hotels Piloting
CPTH50 Financial Hotels Piloting
M3: Tourism and Ongoing Development
CPTH51 Tourism Development
CPTH52 OngoingTourism
M4: NegotiationandSelling Techniques in hotel milieu
CPTH53 Negotiation and Selling Techniques in hotel milieu
M5: Managing Skills Development
CPTH54 Entrepreneurship
M6: Specialization Training
CPTH56 End of Course Project