Management School

In-depth Senior Cycle : General architecture

The Masters/Sup'management’s can be obtained by graduated High Cycles’ students and professionals (graduated "Bac+3") wishing to acquire a specialized high level professional formation.

The meaning of such cycles is to allow the initiated professionals and officials to:

  • Acquire and master the right tools within a particular domain;
  • To be impregnated with the spirits of high professional responsibilities;

Teaching is actually very closely linked to the international academic norms which are effectively applied to the local environment. Trainings are lead and assured by renowned national and international experts and professionals alike.

Besides, the final project ending the cycle is the ultimate very short transition between the real world of affairs and the Foundation. With the important number of businesses collaborating to the project, the student’s immersion into the world of true action becomes an easy step indeed.

The goals of the Extended Higher Cycles/Master (duration: two (2) years):

1- Financial engineering

This formation leads straightforward to full mastering of the high businesses financial techniques, markets basements’ secrets, International economy as well as audits tasks.

2 - Commercial engineering

This cycle is meant to bring the nominees to higher specialized professional standings in Marketing, to well define the powers of expenses budgets, at universal levels distribution and communication.

3 - Expanded/extended Global Management

The end result of such formation is the up-bringing of true qualified managers highly specialized in international affairs and readily apt to intervene and take prompt up-to-the-facts decisions so far the international economy is concerned.

4 - Management de Ressources Humaines

Trainings of this formation are meant to lead the nominees to a high level of psychological Knowledge and understanding so far the management of human resources is concerned. The factual translation of concepts into real actions is performed here along with the techniques for the steering and the control of the frequent mutations within the organizations.

5 - Projects Management

The formation in this particular study-cycle will bring the candidates to be ighly-skilled managers able to plan ahead, handle local and international projects and effectively shape all potential organization’s actual or future changes.

6 - Eco-Management / Environmental Management

The entire package in this recently adopted cycle is meant to bring forth experts in the domain of ecological matters able to manage such projects as MDP, very much needed on all of the European Market.

7 - Islamic Finance

8 - Logistics and Transport Management

Studies organization

The Masters are brought forward on the primary formation, either full-time or partial time through Sup'management's different centers. The access to such studies needs:

  • A file-request deposit including the most recent diplomas, the history of internships or functions experiences and the specific intended plans of the student’s project.
  • an interview for a shortlisted candidate.

The courses are organized according to the following scenario:

  • A study cycle lasting two years (a detailed Superior Cycle) accessible to the "Bac+3"

Other Training courses are organized following three schemes:

  • A fundamental axis common to all cycles
  • An axis of expertise with workshops and "memoire"
  • A third axis titled professional internship spent within active enterprises