Engineering School

In-depth Senior Cycle : General architecture

The Masters are meant for the high education graduated and for the active professionals executives (graduated "Bac+3") wishing to acquire a specialized highly scaled professional formation.

The meaning of such cycles is to allow the initiated professionals and officials to:

  • Master the ultimate knowledge and experience within their chosen domain
  • Be able to apply for jobs of high responsibilities and decision making.

The formations merge the international academic norms to the realities of our local environment. They are assured by professional participants and by renowned national and foreign experts.

Besides, the end of studies professional project is the ultimate phase allowing the conclusion for each of the cycles by beginning a first integration within the enterprise world. A public university viva crowns the realized work.

Goals of the Advanced Higher Cycles/ Masters (period: 2years):

1- Systems Information engineering

This formation is intended to shape accomplished S.I. Engineers in Software Science, Data-bases elaborations and in advanced Systems managements.

2 - Nets, Telecoms and Security

This Formation is intended for the students who love computers and wish to perform high steady rising studies in Networks elaborations, Telecoms, management of Networks security, control and advanced Networks programming.

Studies Organization

Masters are initially undertaken in full-time or part-time studies within Sup’management Centers. Access is under the following conditions:

  • A case-deposit including the most recent student’s diploma and a history of his or her professional experience
  • The undergoing of a scheduled selection-interview.

The courses are organized according to the following scenario:

  • A study period of two (2) years – Advanced Higher Cycle – accessible to the "BAC+3"

The formations as organized follow three paths:

  • A basic introductory seminar common to all cycles
  • A line of expertise training in workshops with conclusive report
  • A "put-to-duty" trial through internships periods.