Engineering School

Professional Cycle : Studies chart

Semester 1 "Initiation"Semester 2 "Determination"
M1: Languages and Expression Techniques I
TC001 Expression and Communication I
TC002 English I
M2: Corporate Environment I
TC003 General Economics
TC004 Professional Training Workshop
M3: Office Software (Office and Open Office)
TC005 Office Software (Office and Open Office)
M4: Computer Architecture
TC006 Computer Architecture
TC007 Logic Circuits
M5: Algorithms and Programming I
TC008 Algorithms
TC009 Programming
M6: Introduction to Operating Systems
TC010 Introduction to Operating Systems
M7: Mathematical Analysis
TC011 Mathematical Analysis
M1: Languages and Expression Techniques II
TC012 Review of Press and Media
TC013 English II
M2: Corporate Environment II
TC014 Corporate Economics
TC015 Micro-Project
M3: Operating Systems Theory
TC016 Operating Systems Theory
M4: Microprocessors and System Integrators
TC017 Microprocessors and System Integrators
M5: Data Structures
TC018 Data Structures
M6: Algorithms and Programming II
TC019 Algorithms II
TC020 Programming II
M7: Mathematics: Algebra
TC021 Mathematics: Algebra
Semester 3 "Deep learning"Semester 4 "Deep learning"
M1: Languages and Communication Skills
CPINI022 Expression and Communication III
CPINI023 Spanish/German I
CPINI024 English III
M2: Corporate Environment III
CPINI025 Marketing Information Systems
CPINI026 Micro-Project
M3: Information Systems and Databases
CPINI027 Designing Information Systems
CPINI028 Databases
M4: System Administration
CPINI029 System Administration
M5: Visual Basic
CPINI030 Visual Basic
M6: Probability and Statistics
CPINI031 Probability and Statistics
M1: Languages and General Knowledge
CPINI032 CPINI034 General Knowledge
CPINI033 Spanish/German II
CPINI034 English IV
M2: ERP and IT Project Management
CPINI035 IT Project Management
M3: Web Technology
CPINI037 Web Technology
M4: UML Object-Oriented Design
CPINI038 UML Object-Oriented Design
M5: Languages C++
CPINI039 Languages C++
M6: Multimedia
CPINI040 Digital Images and Virtual Objects(Photoshop, Flash, ActionScript)
CPINI041 Acoustic and Hypermedia Studio
Semester 3 "Deep learning"Semester 4 "Deep learning"
M1: Languages and Communication Skills
CPISR022 Expression and Communication III
CPISR023 Spanish/German I
CPISR024 English III
M2: Corporate Environment III
CPISR025 Marketing Information Systems
CPISR026 Micro-Project
M3: System Administration
CPISR027 System Administration
M4: Network Architecture
CPISR028 Network Architecture
M5: Signal Processing
CPISR029 Signal Processing
M6: Probability and Statistics
CPISR030 Probability and Statistics
M1: Languages and General Knowledge
CPISR031 General Knowledge
CPISR032 Spanish/German II
CPISR033 English IV
M2: Databases
CPISR034 Databases
M3: Web Technology
CPISR035 Web Technology
M4: Transmission Media
CPISR036 Bound Transmission Media
CPISR037 Unbound Transmission Media
M5: Analogue and Digital Electronics
CPISR038 Analogue Electronics
CPISR039 Digital Electronics
M6: Local Networks
CPISR040 Local Networks (TCP/IP Protocol CCNA 1)
Semester 5 "Fundamental"Semester 6 "Specialization"
M1: Languages I
CPINI043 Spanish/German III
M2: Corporate Environment V
CPINI044 Employment and Social Law
CPINI045 Professional Training Workshop II
M3: Advanced Databases
CPINI046 Oracle Databases
CPINI047 PL/SQL Programming
M4: Object-Oriented Programming JAVA
CPINI048 Object-Oriented Programming JAVA
M5: XML Technology
CPINI049 XML Technology
M6: PHP/MySQL Programming
CPINI050 PHP/MySQL Programming
M1: Languages II
CPINI052 Spanish/German IV
M2: Mobile App Development
CPINI053 Mobile App Development
M3: Advanced Web
CPINI054 Advanced Web
M4: End-of-Year Work Placement
CPINI055 End-of-Year Work Placement
Semester 5 "Fundamental"Semester 6 "Specialization"
M1: Languages I
CPISR042 Spanish/German III
M2: Corporate Law
CPISR043 Employment and Social Law
CPISR044 Professional Training Workshop III
M3: Security
CPISR045 IT Network Security
CPISR046 System Security
M4: Transmission Methods and Communication Protocol
CPISR047 Data Transmission Methods
CPISR048 Communication Concept
M5: Introduction to Telecommunications
CPISR049 Introduction to Telecommunications
M6: PHP/MySQL Programming
CPISR050 PHP/MySQL Programming
M1: Languages II
CPISR052 Spanish/German IV
M2: Embedded and Distributed Systems
CPISR053 Embedded Systems
CPISR054 Distributed Systems
M3: Advanced Networks
CPISR055 Routing (preparation for CCNA2 Certification)
CPISR056 VoIP - Protocols and Operation
M4: End-of-Year Work Placement
CPISR057 End-of-Year Work Placement