School of Diplomacy and Governance

In-depth Senior Cycle : Studies chart

Semester 7 "Fundamental"Semester 8 "Fundamental"
M1: Languages I
CSADGG001 Business English I
CSADGG002 Russian language I
M2: Introduction to diplomatic practices
CSADGG003 Introduction to diplomatic practices
M3: International environment
CSADGG004 International Economics
CSADGG005 International Relations
M4: Management and Group Strategy
CSADGG006 Intercultural Management
CSADGG007 Group Strategies
M5: Geopolitics and Geo-strategy
CSADGG008 Geopolitics and Geo-strategy
M6: Law and International Trade
CSADGG009 International Contract Law
CSADGG010 New Trends of International Trade
M1: Languages II
CSADGG011 Business English II
CSADGG012 Russian language II
M2: Diplomacy in Economics
CSADGG013 Negotiation of international contracts
CSADGG014 Funding of international projects and Lobbying
M3: Law and Economics of Defense and Security
CSADGG015 Defense Economics
CSADGG016 Defense and Security Law
M4: International Business Governance
CSADGG017 International Business Governance
M5: International Politics and Geopolitics
CSADGG018 International Politics and Geopolitics
M6: Personal and Professional Development
CSADGG019 Professional Training Workshop
CSADGG020 Advanced training
Semester 9 "Deepening"Semester 10 "Deepening"
M1: Ethics and Asylum and Refugee Law
CSADGG021 Ethics and International Relations
CSADGG022 Asylum and Refugee Law
M2: Crisis Diplomacy
CSADGG023 Crisis Diplomacy
M3: Peace talks
CSADGG024 Leadership and Dispute Management
CSADGG025 Negotiation and Management of Armed Conflicts
M4: Global Economic and Financial Governance
CSADGG026 Global Economic and Financial Governance
M5: Business and Strategic intelligence
CSADGG027 Business and Strategic intelligence
M6: Managerial skills development
CSADGG028 Coaching techniques
CSADGG029 Simulation Games
M1: Professional training
CSADGG030 Professionalisation training
CSADGG031 Research Methodology
CSADGG032 Graduation Project