Career Opportunities

The quality of the formations assured by the Group’s schools, the A.F.P. toward ‘ Seeking Jobs Techniques’ and ‘enterprise creation’, the large program of partnership with enterprises and Business milieu, the Support Cell for labor and Enterprise Creation, the Orientation and Group Development Council, are considered as fundamental tools for the benefits of Sup’management Group’s laureates which guarantee them multiples and varied happy outcomes for many of those laureates have strong believes and ambition to start their own enterprises and affairs.

Commercial CareersFinancial CareersTouristic Careers
Commercial Director
Marketing Studies manager
International Marketing Manager
Media Planner
Purchases manager
Customers Manager
Product Chief
Sales director
Distribution executive
Communication Director
PR Manager
Sales network executive
Custom’s declaration manager
Transit manager
Voyages promoter
Export manager
Publicity manager
Financial Director
Financial Engineer
Financial Analyst
Accounting Expert
Management controller
Fiscal Consulter
Investments Manager
Bourses analyst
Analyste boursier
Reporting specialist
Export financier
Controller assistant
Assistant controller
Production director
Gestionner de portefeuille
Travel agent
Assurance agent
Reception manager
Lodging director
Head waiter
Hotel manager
Communication director
Stopovers manager
Foreign markets manager
Arrangements manager
Development manager
Marketing manager
Economic studies assistant
Director of travel agency
Informatic CareersGeneral CareersLogistics & Transport
SSCI Director
Director of Informatics
Counselor in Informatics
BD administrator
Networks Architect
SI Architect
Consultant in SI
Software Engineer
System Engineer
Leader of projects of Informatics
Micro and Web Manager
Multimedia Conception Manager
Manager of Web sites
Commercial/Informatics Engineer
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
PME Director
Administrative Director
Human Recourses Director
Research and Development Engineer
Missions Manager
Technical Studies Manager
International Relations Manager
Organization Manager
Logistics Manager
Forwarding Agent
Electrical installation Worksite Manager
Customs officer
On board systems engineer
Overhead security systems Electrician
Development Research officer
Diplomacy & GovernanceRenewable Energy
Consular department head
Political counselor
Commons advisor
Wind project Manager
Nuclear Engineer
Tanker engineer
Electrician engineer
Solar energy Engineer
Hydraulics specialist
High Voltage Lines technician