SUP'MANAGEMENT - Higher school recognized by the state


Since 1995, Sup’Management Group has successfully been working all over Africa train tomorrow’s managers.

The Network is established in many countries: Morocco - Mali - Ivory Coast - Mauritania - Senegal - Burkina Faso - Gabon - Niger - Chad - Comoro Islands.

The Network has built up an image of the leader in the continent and admits more than 2500 students of 23 nationalities annually to the following training centres:

  • School of Business Administration
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Tourism
  • School of Law, Diplomacy & Governance
  • School of renewable Energy

These formations could be completed by third cycles and doctoral studies anywhere through the Net or the partners in Africa, Europe (Switzerland, France, Russia, Spain) or the (USA, Peru).

The Group is a multidisciplinary network of International Schools which aims to train executive managers and business leaders in their various entities, via:

  • A high scaled multipurpose and operational formation
  • Pragmatic teaching in complete accordance with the world's professional requirements
  • A communal life which flourishes and wisens self-fulfillment and personal development
  • Steady bring-up to the functions of managers and decisions-makers endowed with a good sense to adaptability, the spirit of challenge, creativity and initiative.

Our Network, present in most of the countries of the hemisphere, is made up of managers with African, European and Anglo-Saxon experience allowing them to meet these challenges.

Our laureates have occupied, all these years, leading positions abroad and in their country of origin, some of them have chosen the life of entrepreneurship and were able to create and manage recognized and successful companies.