SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

Pedagogical project

Different training centers of Sup’Management are part of an educational project built upon a pedagogical approach whose goal is to attain students objectives in getting trained, to satisfy needs of a company and to easily get adopted to all kinds of changes

The main basics of the project are as follows:

1- Action learning through:

Pragmatic, interactive and innovative methods aiming :

  • The experience development in many scheduled different specializations, preparing candidates to very quick operationnal integration to professionnal life through
    • Acquisition of high scaled knowledge in management in suche domain as Finance, marketing,computer science, human resources, communication, economy, law and quality.
    • Mastering of tools and methods for analysing and diagnostics
    • Formation toward one specialization or to a double competency
    • Development and abilities expansion to successfully deal and manage new or specific events within professional environment.
  • A thorough assimilation of a managerial culture thru:
    • Compulsory annual internships within enterprises,
    • Intensive extra academic activities (put into situations, role playing, cases study, seminars, coaching…)
    • Micro-project of study missions, end of cycle memoirs elaborated with enterprises épartnership
    • Available opportunities by the Department helping enterprises foundation
  • Learning of affairs’ ethics

Personalized monitoring performed due to:

  • The scientifically measured number of participants in our small groups,
  • The support teams in such domains as mathematics and verbalized communication.

2- A complete study cycle based on highly performing academic means stated through

  • The large choice of programs and specializing channels.
  • The conformity of such programs to those initiated by the world leading economic powers which natively merge strategic technical intelligence and informative technical knowledge.
  • Each formula integrates thus:
    • A variety of academic activities
      • (Courses, electives, accompanied trainings, exhibits, workshops, monitored groups, roles playing, adapted teaching to successfully meet the TOEFL and GMAT tests, etc…)
    • Varied and diversified intensive academic extras :
      • Workshops, seminars, round tables, roles playing in real or simulated environments, guided case-investigations are the powerful means used to bring the student’s knowledge and skilled abilities up the grades and subsequently to his or her full immersion into the spinning world of true business. Activities which undoubtedly lead the novice straightforward to a progressive assimilation and full integration of the inner secrets of his or her adaptability to face unknown and unexpected so far the economic fluctuations are concerned.
      • Possibilities of choices in simulated enterprises, role-playing activities, embedded real cases analysis, clinical (on the terrain) investigations under the sharp supervision of masters in business practices
      • Tours inside active and prosper businesses during the progressive evolution of the student’s formation and through all the periods of his or her spanning stages.
      • Micro-projects initiated with the full collaboration of the Institution’s active partners.
      • End cycle report mandatory at each cycle’s termination leading to the elaboration of a personal thesis which will be exposed and debated in the presence of a selected board of experts.

3- A steady and solid immersion into the professional world through:

  • A selected Education based on the principles of professional logics
  • An education oriented chiefly on theoretical views focusing on the practical matters of management in small and medium enterprises, this through a chain of actions of which :
    • The summing support from well versed students and freelance experienced leaders in the domain of economy and marketing. A friendly hand-shaking with the requirements needed to successfully navigate and surf through the unnumbered amount of Internet sites. C.P.P.S, C.O.D. and CERF CONSULT advisors contributions
  • Interships in companies :
    • The summing support from well versed students and freelance experienced leaders in the domain of economy and marketing. A friendly hand-shaking with the requirements needed to successfully navigate and surf through the unnumbered amount of Internet sites. C.P.P.S, C.O.D. and CERF CONSULT advisors contributions
    • The end cycle thesis frequently leads its author creator to be recruited as an active member within the company. Such inducing help often stimulate candidates to sharpen their skills and abilities and perhaps start the build-up of own projects.

YearMinimal periodPrograms contents (corpus of programs)
1° Year L.P. 4 weeks Introduction : An introduction to the requirements and imperatives of the intricate Markets’ dynamics and to the dilemmas authentic business life reports are showing
2° Year L.P. 6 weeks Theme : Full or selective participation in the life of a chosen area within the enterprise
3° Year L.P. 8 weeks Specialization : A take-over in a self-guidance projects-pioneering within the folds and under the care of the chosen business
1° Year M.S. 12 to 18 weeks Master upgrade: Elaboration of a personal thesis reporting deeper research and investigation activities of the author.
2° Year M.S. 12 to 18 weeks Professionalization: an End Report or ‘memoire’ defining the Finalists’ latest advanced Methodology and further research activities within a specific highly specialized domain

4- Training toward action:

Parallel activities aimed to stimulate the student’s imaginative potential and abilities to think right under harsh and unexpected circumstances, to progressively merge into the realm of industry and steadily gain control over fears and stress through team-work.

  • The template of our year’s activities goes as follows:
    • The starting point of integration days
    • The cultural week
    • Excursions and study journeys
    • The annual Graduation Gala
  • Leader Managers, SUP’MANAGEMANT’S students association

Endorse the responsibility to animate and coordinate associative life inside each group’s institution. The association rallies many entities such as: Junior Enterprise, recreational Cells, Cultural associations, etc…

Over ten clubs harbor cells of students who take a direct and active part in all of the events initiated by the school, in particular :

  • The Club’s projects
  • revue "Flash Managers"
  • recreational and sports activities
  • The annual Gala