SUP'MANAGEMENT - Higher school recognized by the state

Group Presidency

Presidency of the Network :

The Free Intercontinental University’s Network (U.I.C.L.) is composed of two institutions:

  • The Sup'Management Group of schools
  • The International Euroamerican University (EIU)

Group Governance is provided by:

Honorary president:


Word of the President Founder:

President of the Network

Since 1995, when Sup’Management Group was established, it has succeeding in making progress toward High Education.

Since the year 2001, the Group has been partnered with the American academic group: EIU (Euroamerican International University), to form a networked university.

And so came to existence the Intercontinental Free University (U.I.C.L) which actually gathers the Group of:

  • "Sup’Management" Schools based in Morocco and stretching out over nine other African countries.
  • The International Euroamerican University based in the U.S.A. governs 7 other countries in Latin America

The UICL Network, which sits in Zaragoza (Spain) unites thirty university schools of higher education, enabling students from 3 continents to share this continental dimension, permitted by the synergy created by the Network and enriched through strategic partnerships with nearly 70 renowned institutions.

The UICL Network is the culmination of twenty years of experience and continued efforts in the education and business sector, through its Founding President and all members of its management team.

Nowadays, the Network educational project masters about twenty different specializations scaled over many different studies levels bac+3, Master (+5) and PhD (+8).

Furthermore, the convenience of the formation to each of the country’s enterprises’ needs where the Network is present stays in the very heart of the Free Intercontinental University’s Network.

Word of the Vice President:

José Antonio ALMARZA

Because of the phenomenon of economic globalisation and radical transformations that nowadays enterprises are living on through changes and complexities, people who wish to invest into the new international environment and bring innovative solutions into the development of companies and organisations, have multiple career opportunities. They are facing challenges created by the modern environment, efficiency, cultural a social values and finally by ethics.

The Group's inclusion to the international network we call "Free Intercontinental University," and which groups the Euroamerican International University and Sup'management; aims indeed to develop innovative formations well adapted to the defying aspects of the world’s rapid changes all within the respect of cultural and social values.

Different qualifications and diplomas (MBA, MASTER, DESS, PHD) possible due to the international partnerships actually allow Sup’Management to satisfy the requirements of organizations of the 3d millenium.

Let’s thus all be proud for this collective success and let’s wish a long and fruitful life to this institution, to its pedagogic team devoted to its laureates.