SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

OSSIE (South-South Observatory for Economic Intelligence)

Ceated in 2014 OSSIE is a new structure of Sup’Management the general mission of which is to manage information useful to the Sup’Management group and partners thereof. It’s scope of action encompasses the whole of Africa in its full-fledged diversity.

It’s main purpose is to meet the diverse requirements for useful information generated by economic operators, researchers and other stakeholders of Sup’ Management. Indeed it often occurs that information in unavailable, scattered, little relliable or inadpted. OSSIE has other purposes such as participating in the continental dissemination of the Sup’ management and to contribute to courses administered and research endeavors with useful and reliable informaion.

The action plan developed by OSSIE is the following:

  • Gather information and reliable studies on African economies and societies;
  • Act on African economies through information;
  • Have available a portfolio of Moroccan and foreign businesses and corporate bodies in a position to take action in africa;
  • Develop a portfolio of experts and consultants;
  • Organize, assist and advise businesses in their internationalization in Africa;
  • Train consultants graduating from Sup'management.

This is how the gathering of information on African economies and societies will occur along with the development of research and study proposals, the completion of studies, the creation of databases (on businsses, professions, project « pools » experts and trainers, the establishment of contacts with generators and service provision projects, the organization of scientific or business events, all constitute the core activities of OSSIE.

Cursus Plus : One of the highlights of the OSSIE

Training and Education on Professions and Trades:

  • Economic Journalist
  • Business finance advisor
  • Human resource advisor
  • Marketing & sales action consultant
  • Manager of tourist organism
  • Systems & network administrator
  • Multimedia developer

« Cursus Plus » is a training cycle complimentary the academic program offered by Sup’Management designed to address the relevant students with the foundation required for exercising a professions for the future. This training constitutes a common base promoting professionalization.
This is training leading to qualifications and a professional certificate. It provides qualifications because it aims at the learning of a profession and advanced training on the competencies required. The certificate issued is validated via a professional title (certificate testifying to the acquisition of a professional qualification).
« Cursus Plus » constitutes concrete and practical training based on innovative and appropriate pedagogical practices. It is taught by a group of teachers and supervisors highly experienced and implicated in their fields of intervention. The Sup’Management deploys all the resources necessary for achieving success in this training cycle.

The Center for Documentation on African Economies and Societies (CEDESA), emanating from OSSIE, is a new center created by Sup’Management. CEDESA constituted of the key link of OSSIE, an observatory inspired by the determination to develop intimate knowledge of our Continent.

The purpose of CEDESA is to inform the relevant actors (economic, political, academic) dealing with Africa by making available pertinent, bona fide, traceable information and serious, objectively devised analyses.

The activities of CEDESA focus on:

  • gathering available information and defining the most reliable sources;
  • selecting and analyzing the bulk of information gathered;
  • organizing documentation according to theme and sub-themes to facilitate research;
  • promote knowledge of the center and issue calls for it to be consulted and used.

The documentation center addresses any person wanting to do research on Africa, most of all Sup’Management students involved with research projects (theses and dissertations).

Beyond research activities the center also acts as tool for culture. Its users can consult documentation to better understand the history, societies and the economics of the African Continent. Along these lines CEDESA has just recently fulfilled the objectives of the FORCE Foundation.