SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

Word of the President

Abdesselam IDRISSI ERKIK, Ph.D

. Member of the World Parliament for Peace and Security (Italy)
. Member of the World Academy of S.T.E.H (Spain)
. Commandeur of the Order of "L'Etoile de l'Europe" (Belgium)
. Advisor to the Fez - Meknes Region (Morocco)

Sup’Management; founded in 1995, partaking a high experience and brilliance in its management team and renowned faculty, is a major educational and a highly innovative project designed for the new generations of the Moroccan and African youth in a complex world in which change is perpetual.

Training leaders and entrepreneurs with the qualities of creativity, challenge, open-mindedness and a sense of responsibility and ethics is the major goal around which we have built this new school model.

The Sup’Management’s “Programme Grande Ecole”, a direct translation of this model, provides in fact superior training organized in several branches while combining traditional skills connected to the cultural and social values of our societies and also meeting the needs of our economic environment. The place reserved for scientific research in this program confirms its affluence and its quality which has earned the Sup’Management prizes and awards recognized globally.

The international dimension of Sup’Management; sharing its presence in several countries of the African continent and also the partners in Europe and Latin America, makes it an almost unique case in the landscape of Moroccan and African higher education.

International openness has always been a cornerstone in the development of the Sup'management’s policy. Thus, nearly a hundred partnerships were concluded with academic, institutional, industrial and other institutions as well as the networks of excellence in several countries.

Welcome to a network of schools promoting academic excellence at the heart of the century...