SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

Admission procedures and Regulations

Access conditions

Pole of Business Administration Bac all kind
Pole of Engineering Bac scientific oriented
Pole of Tourism Bac all kind
Pole of Health Bac all kind
Pole of Law, Diplomacy & Governance Bac all kind
Pole of renewable Energy Bac all kind

Modalities of inscription

Joined to the subscription form:

  • The fully completed adhesion form (provided by the school or via our Web Site )
  • A copy of all of the subscriber’s diplomas for the cases 2°, 3° or 4° year

By the effective access to the school:

  • The original application form, duly completed and signed
  • Five certified copies of the Baccalaureate
  • Five certified copies of the Baccalaureate Notes Statement
  • Five certified copies of the certificate of completion or post-graduate degree (for the case of parallel admissions)
  • Five copies of the national identity card or passport
  • Five passport photos.

Services for foreigners

Welcoming reception| Airport:
For those who come from outer Moroccan’s boundaries wishing to benefit from such an accommodation, it is necessary to clearly stated by the School’s External Relations Department and precise the date and hour or the flight number bound to land in a specific Moroccan airport.

Help to foreigners:
This service helps the students from foreign countries to accomplish all the necessary administrative steps such as lodging & boarding, transit or residency cards, visas, bank accounts, insurance, etc.)

Visa / Foreigners

  • For students born in the R.D Congo, Comoro Islands, Cameroon, Djibouti, Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Central Africa, Chad, Togo, Benin, Ghana & Burkina Faso
    • The candidate must provide the school with his surname & first name and date of birth, the number of his passport and the dates of issue and expiry of the passport.
    • The school operates the visa application on behalf of the candidate that he can withdraw from the embassies of the Kingdom of Morocco concerned.
    • The candidate must have his / her visa and the certificate of registration, the certificate of accommodation and the bill of study fees (provided by the school), to be presented at the airport of arrival in Morocco.
  • For students coming from other countries
    • The candidates must be holder of the attestation of inscription, (supplied by the school) to show on arrival to one of Morocco Airports.

Modalities of Regulations

Two options to choose from:

  • Global amount
  • or subscription fee + schooling fees for the first semester or the first month

Three Methods of Payment to choose from:

  • Money transfer Swift, on the account of SUP'MANAGEMENT :
    • Bank : Contact the school's schooling department (
  • Check addressed to Sup'management.
  • Transfer via "Western Union", " Money Gram " or with a money order:
    • Contact the school's schooling department (