SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state


Sup'management have its proper students’ dormitory named «C.A.P.» to provide housing for foreign students or those who are from other cities of the Kingdom. The dormitory is situated in the neighborhood of the school’s head-office. Large choices of accommodation are available: Studios, single or double room as well as furnished apartments.

Althoug Fes is a very safe city, all accommodations are in Fes invigilated by private guards. TV hall, food buffet and a cyber net café are also available to the students.

Inner dormitory regulations

Admission conditions :

  • To be a student member of the Free International University
  • Respect the lease regulations following the conditions and payments modalities


  • Respect security and sanitary consignments;
  • Preservation of the pavilion and the equipment at students’ disposal (all modifications or interior arrangements of the pavilion must be agreed in advance by the direction of the dormitory)
  • Are forbidden all activities that might disturbs others (hard music, loitering without aim in the corridors or stories, noisy gatherings, etc.)
  • All activities by law forbidden;
  • Prohibition to smoke in the buffet of the dormitory;
  • Dormitory administration is not responsible for lost or stolen objects of residents.

The lease contract lasts 9 months minimum and the long-term contract lasts 12 months. The management reserve the right to cancel the lodging agreement in term of serious misconducts.