SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

Continued Learning Center

General context

African countries have been experiencing economic development like most emerging countries. The socio-economic growth can occur only when the country's human resources have seized every opportunity available to them through continuous training by experienced training organizations. This implies a knowledge and mastery of social management, business management, information technology, and foreign languages.

It is undeniable that our institution, through its centers in several countries of our continent, is the pioneer of continued and graduate training. This advantage gives it a mastery of different cultures and enables it to meet the training needs of public and private institutions.

The Center's Objectives

Sup'management, in operation since 1995, created within its walls a Center for Studies, Research and Training, known as CERF.

Recognizing the importance of knowledge as the key to success on the one hand, and the fact that the training can be tailored to the needs and constraints of the people on the other, CERF has set itself the objective of giving business managers an operational and practical knowledge allowing them to become more competitive and profitable, and also to individuals who wish to control one or more areas of knowledge.

The Center’s Activities

  • CERF offers the following services :
    • Sessions of short duration: continued learning certificates "CFC"
    • Long term cycles : Special cycles "CCS"
    • Seminars, Custom Programs, Training-assistance.
    • Consulting in Management and Information Systems (20 areas of expertise).

Hand-picked 'Continued learning', the Centre offers businesses and governments, executives and individuals, two formulas:
  • The certified training: These are courses whose curriculum is assessed by a certificate, with the possibility of having a certificate issued by 'Euroamerican International University', one of the Group's partner
  • Degree courses: These are formations whose curriculum is attested by a diploma and are programmed over a number of years depending on the candidate's basic level and level of targeted studies (bachelor, master, etc ...).

The Center’s Partnership

The Group's Partnership with the prestigious University EUROAMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY allows the acquisition of any training module in the present catalog of "Training Certificates" issued jointly by the two institutions.

The Center's Resources

  • The Centre has extensive human resources:
    • Nearly 80 participants from the university or corporate world, working with theSup'management's entities
    • Nearly 150 external consultants for the implementation of training or consulting assignments.
  • The Centre also has IT and high-performance scientific equipment, including:
    • a high-end machine park that includes computers and multiple devices and diversified software
    • educational and audiovisual equipment and a wealth of training materials.

Teaching resources and methodology recommended

The main foundations of our mode of intervention for continued learning are the following:

- Active and implicated learning, adapted and focused on practical and operational capability

  • Non-directive animation, exchanges with the organizers
  • Individual or group counseling
  • During training / tutorials and alternate practices
  • Case analysis, simulation games, role playing, collective analysis of simulations
  • Treatment of concrete cases submitted by participants
  • The interns are true actors of their training, thanks to:
    • The creation of educational situations close to reality
    • The offer of necessary additional resources for the implementation of a clean development plan for each person
- A performance of our participants
  • Existence of a small core group of trainers to ensure the monitoring and evaluation of educational activities carried out, as well as compliance with minimum standards of quality
  • Choice of experienced trainers and with educational qualifications required, particularly on the plans of:
    • Teaching: work methodology
    • Technique: Perfect knowledge of the center's products
    • Human: Communication, Group Dynamics, Time Management
- An advanced technology training environment
  • Material logistics rich enough and updated
  • Training based on a strong national experience in this field
  • Greater flexibility in the organization of training.
- Appropriate programs and course materials
  • Audiovisual learning materials
  • Training programs and course materials 'customized' and constantly updated, according to the specifics of the organizations concerned
  • Continuous assessment of learning through personalized monitoring of trainees and technical tests established at the end of training
  • Existence of a multitude of additional benefits (through customer request): phone support, maintenance, training audit, etc...