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Fondation FORCE

Euro-Africain Foundation for Research,
Culture & Education (FORCE)

Let us thus react together to reunite the good will and lasting
initiatives for an enduring growth and permanent development.


The Euro-African Foundation for Research, Culture and Education "F.O.R.C.E.", was created at the initiative of Sup'Management and the Euroamerican International University (EIU). Over the years, the foundation has acquired influence both in Morocco and on the African continent.

The Foundation’s deepest convictions relate to the necessities to create binding links between the theoretical views, concepts and formulas taught inside classes and the real industrial life outside and abroad. Convictions based on a strong belief that education remains the key factor for the creation and upbringing of tomorrow’s societies in a world market living and suffering constant turmoil.

The Force Foundation’s will and determination are constant and firm and they focus primarily on:

  • Developing the educational system through support actions such as studies projects, research and investigations and entrepreneurial procedures;
  • The growth, expansion and increase of a stable and everlasting education, social insertion and a large culture broadcasting;
  • The socio-economic intensification through shared parallel interactions with the socio-economic actors.

President Founder

Our mission :

Encouraging the development of educational activities, training, culture, research and creation, are the concepts of sustainable human development, to ensure the equality of opportunity through education, to fight against discrimination and to encourage respect for social and cultural values.

Deontology rules:

  • These rules to clearly attest and testify to the fact that the Foundation acts under a philanthropic urge in close relationship with economical, social and cultural principles and deontology.
  • The members of the Administration Counsel and the waves of the Foundation’s volunteers are expected to obey and respect de Foundation’s rules and stick with this spirit in their management and in their relationship with all the donators. They must act with prompt efficiency, integrity and equity.
  • The Foundation digs its path according to the principles of rigorous management and all of its undertakings and accomplishments comply with the rules of legal administrative practices.
  • The Foundation’s relationship with its donators follows equally the same rules and principles of privacy and confidentiality and great attention paid to assure the freedom of choice for any sponsored project or activity
  • The Foundation agrees to and sponsors any activity subscribing to its quest according to the criteria stated by its Administrative Counsel and equally according to the possibilities of the factual budget.

The Foundation activities:

1. Education Force:

Educational development:

  • Development of an educational and academic project on an international level
  • Internship trainings for teachers and frame workers of training institutions
  • Upgrade programs in modern languages
  • Study missions for Network students abroad

Permanent education, social and professional insertion:

  • Continuous training for the benefit of trainers and administrative supervisors
  • Continuous training – Preparation programs to the social and professional insertion
  • Continuous training and job regaining or recycling
  • Certification, quality of training centers.

Campus Installation:

  • Installation and supervision of university campuses in the framework of “University of Excellence”.

2. Events Force:

Events, conferences, International:

  • Conferences, workshops, forums
  • “Merit Prize” of the foundation and of its partners in Europe and America
  • International activities

Club of the Euro African Foundation:

  • The Club of the Foundation is a meeting place for teachers, researchers, students and eminent members of civil society on the continental scale.

3. Consulting and Research Force:

Culture, Communication, Documentation and Consultancy:

  • Documentation center, data bank, website
  • Publications, periodical books and multimediatech products


  • Scientific research program
  • Strategic studies and research

4. Development Force :

Socio-Economic Development:

  • Development of the Club ‘International Synergy of Entrepreneurship’ for the support of common national or bilateral projects, and the access to the resources on employment
  • Management of “Economic Intelligence Observatory” and of “Trade Observatory”.

Partnership programs:

  • Partnership with universities, companies and ONGs
  • Strengthening of educational and research structures via synergies and lobbing.

5. Social Force:

Social Action:

  • Social activities towards the disadvantaged, the orphans, the sickly or others

Scholarship Action:

  • Actions for disadvantaged students and/or deserving the access to graduate studies (special scholarships and scholarships of excellence).
  • Help to the insertion in remunerated internships or projects under company contract.

Our achievements :

The Foundation has been able to achieve a multitude of actions relative to the five intervention axes pre-cited:

  • The participation to the elaboration and development of an educational project on an international scale.
  • The establishment of a financial system of studies via scholarships and bank study loans and this for worthy students and/or disadvantaged, to facilitate for them the access to studies.
  • The creation of a Research Center “CERF” that benefits from the support of various national and foreign specialized institutions.
  • The organization of a cultural and citizenly forum with the implication of 23 student nationalities and renowned partners.
  • The creation of a dormitory for foreigner students.
  • The development of a vast network of partnerships around the niches of action of the foundation.
  • The development of a network of foreign partnerships in addition to those of environmental education, such as:
    • The Global Academy of Sciences, Technical studies, Education and Humanities (Spain)
    • The World Order of Justice (USA)
    • The European Foundation (Brussels)
    • The Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Switzerland)
    • The French chamber of Commerce and Industry (Morocco)
    • The Association “Marketing Communications Executives International M.C.E.I.” (Switzerland)
    • Foundations in numerous African countries, etc…

Indeed, these partnerships allowed the Foundation to organize a series of award ceremonies to famous people in the world of politics, social, educational, business, as well as people from civil society.

Foundation’s Executive Board