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That year’s Ceremony was celebrating its eleventh Promo baptized Allal El Fassi (2007) under the presence of prestigious academicians, politicians and economist first rate as well as under the presence of renowned personalities and operators from the Civilian Community, well over 1300 guests. That Promo 2007 was sponsored by M. Abass EL FASSI, State Secretary and by the Great Prince Michel KARATCHEVSKY, the Sup'management’s President of Honor.


The Ceremonial joined together side to side distinguished foreign and national personalities as it went following a succession of events such as:

  • The deliverance of trophies and honorific titles to the promotion sponsors
  • The deliverance of Prizes to the Representatives of the Group’s partners institutions
  • The deliverance of titles of honor to the Group’s professors and administrators
  • Giving Diplomas and Medals to the graduated

The number of graduated reached 178 among them:

  • BAC + 4 : 100 laureates (specialization : Finance-Management, Marketing, Communication and Computer Science).
  • BAC + 5 : 35 laureates (specialization : Financial Engineering, Management Control & Audit, Commercial Engineering, Marketing & Distribution, Network Engineering, informatics & Information Broadcasting Systems)
  • Double graduations : 43 laureates of Euroamerican International University (E.I.U.).

Besides these events, another reception was scheduled for the evening beginning at 20H00 at "Hotel Jnane Palace Fes". This, to pay tribute to the Notorious National Personalities under whose presence Honorific Titles such as "Doctorates Honoris Causa" was granted to deserving Functionaries and highly respected personalities. These honorific titles were issued from the International Euroamerican University (IEU).


An animated cocktail party also took place at the near end of the ceremonial under the artistic contribution of musical groups.

As goes each year’s final stage, that year’s Gala was scheduled to take place on Saturday 30 of June 2007 and was graciously sponsored by the 'Leader Managers Students' Association as it has been done since years now.