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The July 2011 Ceremonial celebrated the Graduation of the Fifteenth Promotion baptized Al Khawarizmi under the prestigious presence of high graded Academicians, politicians, first rate economists and officials from the Civil Society (well over 1500 guests) that year’s promotion took place under the sponsorship of M. Ahmed Reda CHAMI Secretary of Industry, Commerce and New Technologies, as well as M. Nasr HAJR, Ex-Secretary of Post, Telecommunications and Intelligence Technologies and under the prestigious presence of the Honoray Chairman Grand Prince Michel KARATCHEVSKY.


The Graduation Ceremonial allowed many prestigious and renowned local and foreign personalities to accomplish a chain of acts running as follows:

  • The deliverance of trophies and honorific titles to the promotion sponsors
  • The deliverance of Prizes to the Representatives of the Group’s partners institutions
  • The deliverance of titles of honor to the Group’s professors and administrators
  • Giving Diplomas and Medals to the graduated

The number of graduated reached 403 among them:

  • BAC + 3 : 93 laureates (Specializations : Finance-Management, Marketing-Communication, International Management & Computer Science and Systems and Networks engineering)
  • BAC + 5 : 193 laureates (Specializations : Financial Engineering, Commercial Engineering, In-depth Global Management, projects Management, Networks Engineering, Security and Telecom, Informative systems engineering)
  • Double graduations : 117 laureates of Euroamerican International University (E.I.U.).


An animated cocktail party also took place at the near end of the ceremonial under the artistic contribution of musical groups.

A Gala Ceremonial was approved to take place on Saturday July the 2nd 2011 starting at 19h00 and hosted by the Group’s Students Association 'Leader Managers' as has happened each end of each academic year.