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The Graduation Ceremony of Promotions 23°, 24° & 25° baptized respectively Nelson MANDELA, Louis PASTEUR & Zaynab NEFZAOUIA, under the sponsorship of Mr Juan Luís LOPEZ HERNANDO, Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Morocco and M. Selma BENHARBET ALAMI, Deputy Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Morocco.

The Ceremonial joined together side to side distinguished foreign and national personalities as it went following a succession of events such as:

  • The deliverance of trophies and honorific titles to the promotion sponsors
  • The deliverance of Prizes to the Representatives of the Group’s partners institutions
  • The deliverance of titles of honor to the Group’s professors and administrators
  • Giving Diplomas and Medals to the graduated

The number of graduated reached 661 among them:

  • Promotion NELSON MANDELA : 214
  • Promotion LOUIS PASTEUR : 160
  • Promotion ZAYNAB NEFZAOUIA : 287

A Cocktail accompanied by an artistic Animation, is offered at the closing of the ceremony.