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International Offshore Academy

Offshoring is increasingly considered as a sector with major growth potential; indeed it can be considered as a real engine for economical growth. Offshoring is the relocation of certain activities or business processes from one country to another. The activities affected by offshoring concern mainly two major areas and six themes:

The field of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO):

  • General administrative functions
  • Activities of customer relationship management
  • Specific occupations.

The field of ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing):

  • The infrastructure asset management,
  • Software development activities
  • Application maintenance activities.

The objective is to benefit from the host country know-how, or the host country work or tax legislation.

Morocco is today part of the “Peer Group”, i.e. the group of states forming a relocation belt around the European market,

Nowadays, offshoring can create thousands of jobs in Morocco and is characterized by continued growth. Moreover, training programs are also increasingly expanding in Morocco. As part of this dynamic, SUP'MANAGEMENT has, through its pole "International Offshore Academy”, set up a training program focused on the following module:

  • Teleconsultants, Supervisors or managers/ Call Centers
  • Sales operations and customer services offshore
  • Manager of Back Office banking
  • Offshore Assurance Technician
  • Accountant (French GAAP, IFRS…)
  • LAN WAN Network Technician
  • Developer (Java, C + + ...)