SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

International NTIC Academy

Sup’management, through its pole “International NTIC Academy”, has an extended International Certification programs to offer; available to graduates, technicians, engineers, professors or undergraduates.

This offer includes the following International certifications:

  • Systems Engineer - Microsoft / MCSE Certified
  • Network Enginner – Cisco / CCNP Certified
  • Oracle Enginner (OCA, OCP,OCM)
  • Administration of Linux Systems (LPI)

The certification is renowned by all computer industries. It is the path required to access huge career opportunities in the field of NTIC (systems, networks, databases, telecoms, development of applications and solutions) as well as to ensure employment security and a scalable career.

The international certification is also the appropriate means for an optimal and quick learning of the latest technologies.

The 4 poles of certifications offered by Sup'management are among the most famous, recognized worldwide. They include a great deal of training in laboratories equipped with high-end PCs, servers, networked printers, modems, professional cabinets equipped with routers and switches, as well as broadband Internet connection.

Microsoft certifications Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) bring the basis of Microsoft Certification. These certifications are conceived to allow the validation of competences necessary for the mastering of characteristics and key technologies functionality. You can demonstrate the depth of your knowledge in a specific technology, get many certifications MCTS to show the wideness of your abilities to differ between many products, or, get thanks to MCTS, a Certified Microsoft Certification (IT Professional (MCITP)) or any other certification branded ‘Professional series.

Engineer - Microsoft
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCP, MCSA, MCSE
1 Exam
Informaticians & Developers
4 Exams
(3 MCP de of essential competences 1 specialization MCP) Systems Administrators Network Administrators Web Administrators
7 Exams
(5 MCP de Compétences competences 2 specialization MCP) Network Engineers Advanced Administrators Network Analysts or System Consultants

Sup’management is a Local Academy Cisco with laboratory equipment responding to Cisco academy norms. Cisco Career Certifications are known as being THE Industrial Norm so far Net conception and support and guarantee high levels of specialization and credibility. In a competitive environment, many enterprises leaders are best known as others, particularly in services needing to harvest the best of Network technologies. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise which Cisco formations and certifications have provided them and were assured by our Local ACADEMY Cisco. Enterprises enhance the quality of their services customer and of their staff too, for a better benefit. From the elementary means to initiate a Net till the more sophisticated and more specific techniques such as Security, Wifi or telephony on IP, the aimed Cisco Career Certificates and Cisco qualified Specialists, validate knowledge, assure the professional more abilities and add to the career and forth climbing opportunities. Our teachers are certified consultants and their expertise stretches beyond the ability CCNA, including CCNP and other norms certifications.

Enginner – Cisco
Cisco Certified Associate / Professional , CCNA / CCNP

Analysts and experts from the industry world reckon that Oracle Certifications, thanks to their credibility, are amongst the most looked for in the market of information. In a ferocious competitive environment, the information technologies professionals can flash against their pairs and snatch ever higher ranks and authority in the domain of Systems security by winning Oracle certifications. Demands in such fields are extremely high. Beside the harsh tiring dash for job looking. The Oracle certification programs help enterprises to be distinguished by establishing their ability norm in many specific functions. The Oracle certification is the testimony for competency honored world wide. To be an Oracle Certified Pro might help upraise the visibility and strengthens your deals with the industry most bothersome imperatives. Thanks to our formations certified Oracle, our formation center agreed Oracle assures the best conditions for the preparation to Oracle Certifications.

Oracle Enginner
Oracle Certified Associate / Professional ou Master, OCA, OCP, OCM

Sup’management is a center agreed by Linux Professional Institute (LPI). The mission of the formation Center LPI is to provide a global frame for leadership in the industry world, develop the necessary potentialities for those who project to build a professional career in Linux realm and free software. The formation and certification Linux are essential to the qualifications of Linux Systems Administrators. LPI plays a primordial role thanks to its training and linux provider independent approach. Thanks to our team of specialists builders and craftsmen. Thanks to the pertinence of our formations Linux. Our formation Centers agreed upon by LPI, provide the best on the market conditions for the formation and the preparation to LPI certifications. International Offshore Academy

Administration of Linux Systems
Junior Level Linux Professional
Advanced Level Linux Professional
Senior Level Linux Professional