SUP'MANAGEMENT - Higher school recognized by the state

Doctoral School

The Free Intercontinental University offers PhD education of the Euroamerican International University (EIU) in the USA and Swiss UMEF University of Switzerland relocated at Sup’Management Fez training in the fields of management, social science and new information and communications technology.

The doctorate cycle is a 3rd cycle university program with the objective of inculcating into PhD students researcher competencies and qualities of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation.

On average the program lasts 3 years:

  • The first year awards an MBA or MSCS degrees with specialization certificate.
  • The remaining two years are dedicated to research projects and thesis defense.

The students holding the degree or Master’s level can apply for admittance into the PhD cycle leading, after successful defense of a thesis, to the grade of Doctor.
The education is equivalent to the Baccalaureate level + 8 years of study. It takes place within a research team reporting to the PhD school of Sup’Management, under the authority and responsibility of a dissertation advisor.
The PhD cycle administers training and preparing for the future of PhD students by offering them high level scientific supervision, in addition to preparation for professional insertion.

The fields of specialization are as follows:

  • Management and Strategy
  • Finance, Control and Audit
  • Organization and Human Resources
  • Logistics, Transport and Project Management
  • Marketing, Communication Commercial Action
  • New information and communications technology and the steering of Information Systems
  • Networks and telecommunications
  • Tourism and Hospitality business
  • Geopolitics, Diplomacy and Governance
  • Economic and public policy

Thesis defense

  • An authorization from the Director of the UICL PhD School is mandatory for thesis defense after examination of the candidate’s work by two external rapporteurs.
  • The Jury appointed by the UICL President includes the thesis advisor and at least 3 persons selected thanks to their scientific competency.

The title of Doctor is conferred with following distinctions:

  • Honorable,
  • Very honorable,
  • Congratulations from the Jury,
  • Publication of the thesis.