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Bachelor & Master / Sophia Antipolis University of Nice - France

The Sophia Antipolis University of Nice is one of the most renowned French universities.

The partnership between the University and the Group includes several components:

  • The double degrees for several Bachelor (+3) / Masters (+5) of the Group
  • The possibility of organizing exchange semesters for students (including the last semester of the 2nd year)
  • The exchange of students and teachers on fixed periods between the two parties
  • Cooperation on scientific research.

The concerned Bachelor Degrees are :
Nice Sophia Antipolis University Branches "UNS" Sup'management Branches
Professional Diploma on theManagment ofSME and SMI Finance Management & International Management
Professional Diploma on Commerce - Technical-Commerce (TECO) Marketing - Communication
Professional Diploma on the Managment of Industrial Production - Management of the Company Logistics (LP GPI MLE) Logistics & Transport
Professional Diploma on Management andTouristicInnovations (TC Cannes) Tourism and Hotels
Professional Diploma on the Developmentof Mobiles Applications (SIL DAM) Informatics Engineering
Professional Diploma on Networks and et Telecommunications – IT Network Integration-Administration (LP IRI) Network and system Engineering

The Master degrees concerned are:
Nice Sophia Antipolis University Branches "UNS" Sup'management Branches
Financial engineering Financial engineering
Marketing (Market Study and Marketing) Commercial engineering
Affaires and International Management (AMI) Global Management
International Hotelry Tourism, Hotels and Leisure Engineering
IT MethodesApplied to the Firm Managment (MIAGE) New Techand ProjectsManagment (NTDP) Engineering of information systems

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