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Engineer’s diploma
Diploma for Research Master

The ENSIIE (National High School for Industrial and Enterprise Informatics) is one of the most ancient and prestigious public French high schools for engineers which form and shape highly qualified engineers in informatics apt and able to tackle the scientific and technologic innovations. Founded in 1968, the school is actually spread over two wards, the first in Evry-Paris and the second in Strasbourg. The ENSIIE is privileged and dispose of no less than 18 international accords and qualifies its students with 9 double or twin diplomas.

The partnership between Sup’management and the ENSIIE concerns mainly :

  • Students exchange in the view of a course graduation rewarded by a diploma of level BAC+5 (engineer’s diploma, research master) recognized by the CTI (engineers’ title Commission) which discerns and give the grade of master
  • The students exchange in the view of curses without any graduation
  • The periodic exchange of teachers over determined periods
  • The cooperation for scientific researches and experience exchange.

So , Sup’management’s student can thus apply for the ENSIIE engineers diplomas or Master under the following modalities:

1- The ENSIIE engineer’s diploma

In conformity with the rules established in France so far the schools of engineers are concerned, it is necessary to carry out two full years in the ENSIIE compounds to obtain the grade of engineer. Sup’management’s students can actually join the ENSIIE school for a first year if they have the level of BAC+3 or for the second year if they already have the level of BAC+4, and this in the prospect of informatics and networks engineers.
The students undergo in the first case 5 semesters of study within the ENSIIE compounds (S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5) while in the second case as stated above, they undergo a course of 3 semesters inside the ENSIIE compounds (S3, S4 and S5). The S6 semester is dedicated in every case to an end of studies training period which they can eventually do it in France, in Morocco or abroad. They can finally apply for a master in research during the last year (S5 and S6).

2- Diploma for master

The ENSIIE is legally co-habilitated to deliver the diplomas of master in domains such as reality in virtual informatics and in operational research. The Sup’management students can eventually be admitted in M1 (S3. S4. S5 and S6) for students having reached and obtained the grade of BAC+3 and in M2 (S5 and S6) for those having obtained BAC+4.

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