SUP'MANAGEMENT - Higher school recognized by the state

Bachelor / Master / Doctorate "EIU"

EIU EUROAMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is a private institution for campus distant studies (non soumise à l'accréditation).
The university is based in Miami, Florida / USA and has a peripheral educational network of collaborators in several countries.

The obtained diplomas are :

  • BACHELOR (+3)
  • MBA (+5)
  • PHD (+8)

The specializations are the same as those of Sup'management.

Because of its steady associative relationship with the international euro-american university, SUP’MANAGEMENT’s standards meet the exact equivalency of this renowned institution in regard to:

  • Equivalency between SUP'MANAGEMENT professionalized cycle and the International EuroAmerican University’s 'BACHELOR'
  • Equivalency between SUP'MANAGEMENT’s Advanced cycle and the International Euro-American University’s "MBA"

From the start, SUP’MANAGEMENT offers its guests the chance to a twin-graduation. This could eventually lead to obtaining prestigious qualifications and diplomas (BACHELOR and MBA) following the nature of the candidate’s specialization(s). Those qualifications are basically delivered according to the cumulus of SUP'MANAGEMENT’s basic cycles’ results and the closing cycle ‘memoire’ (translated into English) which will be debated in front of a selected board of expert chosen out of one of the sustaining schools’ groups.