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Conditions for use of Sup’management website

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  • HQ : 28 et 13 Place du 11 Janvier et rue Patrice Lumumba, v.n. Fez - Morocco
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  • Host : Première Transparence
  • HQ : 38 rue attabari 3éme étage, appart num 5 Maarif extension Casablanca
  • Phone : (+212) 522 98 39 52
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Acceptance of conditions for use

Acceptance and use of Sup’management website are subject to adherence to general conditions for use stipulated hereunder.

The website and services as well as the general conditions for use are subject to changes or modification at any time, in particular to adapt to changes in the website by providing new functionalities or the deletion or modification of already existing ones.

Therefore the site users are advised to consult on a regular basis as needed.

With regard to the protection of personal data

Receivers of data constitute the data base collected via the website forms managed by Sup’management site manager.

In compliance with law n° 09-08 enacted by Dahir 1-09-15of18 February 2009 pursuant to individual persons with respect to the processing of data of a personal nature, you enjoy the right to access and modification of the information pertaining to yourself by contacting

For rightful reasons you counter the fact that the data in your regard needs to be processed. This processing is notified and authorized by CNDP as per receipt n° ...... dated....

Moreover; the user agrees to provide correct information concerning his/her personal particulars under the understanding that the said information is protected by the laws currently in force, in particular law n° 09-08 pursuant to the protection of individual parties regarding the handling of personal data.

The processing on information collected via website applies to specific, explicit and legitimate ends (registration management of applications for "Excellence /social" subsidies, student administration, and information communication).

In addition, the personal data collected can be transmitted to the sub-contractor (Première Transparencein Casablanca - Morocco) who has servers installed abroad (The Netherlands) in compliance with application for transfer submitted to the CNDP, for the sole purpose of checking the request guaranteeing certain rights (Access, Modification and Opposition).

Site management

The purpose of the Site is to provide information concerning Sup’management, the training it provides, as well as its admittance procedure, its research and development policy, and the latest news about it.

The Site can also provide opinions or issues expressed by experts or excerpts from press items.Such information represents solely the opinion of the expert consulted or if the publication in which the excerpts have been published.The opinions expressed reflect the personal view of the author.Therefore, in no way can the Group be deemed responsible for the exhaustive nature and precision of the said opinions and information.

Nevertheless Sup'management at any moment can suspend, limit or interrupt access to site or to certain pages so as to proceed to updates, modification of content or any other action deemed necessary for smooth operation of the site.

Access andbrowsing

Sup'management implements the technical solutions it has available in order to allow site access round the clock 7 days a week.

Access to the site services may be subject to interruption or suspension without prior warning for reasons of maintenance or any other cause.

The user is prohibited to:

  • Publish on the Site irrelevant information or content that could be deemed contrary to the public interest ;
  • Publish or post to the Site information deemed to be inexact, fraudulent or false, etc...;
  • Manipulate or try to manipulate of attempt to manipulate the Site in any way whatsoever ;
  • Spread viruses or any other programming information likely to be contrary to the running of the Site or to the interest of the users;
  • Take over or try to take over the account of another user to proceed to any hacking of the Site or user accounts;
  • Transfer his/her account or user name to a third party without prior approval by the Group;
  • Modify, copy orcontravene the Site copyrights or registered brand names;
Further, the user being the victim of an outrage or witness to failure to adhere to the present conditions for use is urged to point occurrences out to the person in charge by email at (


Sup'management is only responsible for the content that it has published itself.

Nevertheless, he/she shall attempt to ensure as best possible the exactitude and updating of theinformationappearing on the Site for which he/she reserves the right to rectify and correct the content without prior warning.

In no event may the Group be held liable for:

  • Damages either direct, indirect or resulting from use or impossibility to use the Site;
  • Alteration in data transmission.
However, the user has the possibility of informing the Group by E-mail ( of any discrepancy or illegal nature.

Intellectual property

The marks, logos, signs or other relevant itemsare protected by the intellectual property Code, in particular by law.

Any reproduction, modification, publication or any or all of the Site items whatever the means or process used without the prior written approval of the Group, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a incident of counterfeit liable to legal action.

Hypertext links

The Sup'management Site may contain hypertext links to third-party Sites on the Internet, however the web pages where these links lead in no way engage the responsibility of Sup'management which cannot control the nature or content of the resources constituted by these external sources.

The user therefore agrees to refrain from engaging the responsibility of the site with regard to the resources relative to the said outgoing hypertexts.


The Site can if necessary resort to “cookies” techniques making it possible to process information statistics on the traffic, in order to facilitate browsing and improve service geared to user comfort.

The Siteuser has the possibility of deactivating cookies via the configuration of the browser software.

Applicable laws

Any disputes or litigation with regard to use of the Group website are subject to Moroccan law..