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Center for Excellence

The pole Sup’management Center for Excellence, proposes innovative solutions for managers, senior professionals, managers leaders as well as for particular and enterprises.

Right in the heart of international commerce new axis TangerMed, "Sup’management Center for Excellence" covers all of the International Managers’ needs through all the lasting of their multiple levels of their career, each program is bulging with resources and the entire institution’s expertise.

An example of such programs taught by our Center is "Business Simulation: Markstrat", here is a snapshot:

"Sup’management Center for Excellence’s " simulation Center boasts Markstrat™ simulations. Markstrat has been put to use more than thirty years ago and is still the leader in simulations programs and role-playing activities. Markstrat has been used in over 500 academic Institutions through under-graduates programs such MBA, EMBA and extended formations. During 2008, Markstrat techniques have been carried out in education programs in 8 of the 10 best International Business Schools and over more than 25 of the 30 highly classified Business Schools in the US. Markstrat has been stated as reference material in many published revues and scientific reports in research projects underdone by renowned Thinkers and Professors in many Universities through the world.

The Simulation:

You’re now going to constitute a simulated industry in which 6 huge enterprises undergo a through competition. Markstrat 3 will simulate for you your marketing decisions in regard to two markets. Your function after the take-over will focus on the up-building and development of your own business by maximizing its Stock-Exchange. The simulation expands over 6 periods ( 6 decisions to take).


A Markstrat Diploma is finally delivered to all the participants who underwent the simulation experience.