SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

Research Center

1. Purpose and missions

The CERF is the research laboratory for Management and Finance of Sup management.
Its vocation is to organize and promote all kinds of research in the field of Management and Financial Science. This field covers the following global disciplines; Finance, accounting-control, marketing, HRM, Production management, information systems management, strategy, entrepreneurship and SME and public management,

This center fulfills several major missions:

  • The active participation to the fundamental and applied research in the domains cited beforehand, and this in a regional, national or international scale.
  • The welcoming and coaching of doctorates, young researchers preparing clearance to direct researches or recruitment competitions and confirmed researchers.
  • The realization of expertise and research projects on regional, national and international levels.
  • The transfer of technologies and the dissemination of knowledge: organization of conferences, seminars, scientific publications, organization and attribution of theses prizes.
  • The center edits a review (two per year) that synthetize all of its work which is called RI2M “International Review of Management Science and Engineering Management”.
  • The center edits as well books and manuals under the name of “Sup’management Collection”.

2. Center members and profiles of research team

All the teachers of the Sup'Management school are automatically members (founding members)
Other teacher-researchers belonging to other structures in Morocco or abroad upon their own request, can join the Center (Associate Members)

3. CERF research subjects

Implementation of the Center policy is bolstered by a structure organized around four theme-based teams:

  • SORH : Strategy, organization and human resources
  • EMI : Entrepreneurship, management and innovation
  • FC : Finance-control
  • M : Marketing
New themes are added progressively parallel to the constitution of the teams.

The Center research activities are also directed with respect to three transversal areas:

  • Finance, governance and regulation
  • Behavioral and management competencies
  • Innovation, territories and entrepreneurial dynamics

4. Center area of expertise

The academic world: The Center is an actor in the creation and transmission of knowledge in science and management. The Center’s teachers/researchers intervene in numerous Masters at the School or University. The members have an active role in various renowned networks (Moroccan Association of Economical Sciences, etc…)

The extra-curricular world: The center aims to collaborate with collectivities, public institutions, companies, associations, etc…
The collaboration is multiform: partnerships, research contracts, trainings, expertise, studies, etc…