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Students Loans

The path of excellence to finance your studies …

The "Plus Education Student Loan" is awarded to students of Sup 'management through the partnership of the Euro-African Foundation for Research, Education and Culture 'FORCE' with BanquePopulaire 'BP' and to enable them to finance their studies in the Group.

The main features of this loan are:

Object : Warranty, up to 60%, bank loans to students;

Eligible beneficiaries:

  • Be of Moroccan nationality
  • Be no older than 25 years at the time of filing the application
  • Proof of registration or pre-registration.

Eligible courses:

  • Business Management
  • Economy and finance
  • Accounting
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Engineering Courses
  • Architecture
  • Health Courses
  • University Scientific Courses
  • Preparatory classes
  • University Law Courses

For the payment of registration and/or tuition fees, the credit amount does not exceed 250,000 DH because of a ceiling of 50,000 DH per grade;
Maximum repayment period: 12 years with a maximum 6 years deferred
Granted either to the student or a guardian or jointly to both parties, it may at any time be transferred from one party to another.


  • Personal bail of a parent or guardian of the student
  • Delegation of death and disability insurance

Submission of the application:

  • Via the beneficiary’s bank