SUP'MANAGEMENT - Recognized by the state

A unique contribution of the network foundation...

The «awards» are granted each year by the Euro-African Foundation for Research, Culture and Education 'FORCE', a partner of Sup'management. The goal is to contribute to the efforts of the States and other institutions in order to encourage the development of academic excellence and to eliminate financial barriers that could prevent bright and motivated students to achieve their research projects.

There are 2 type grants :

Grants of Excellence Reward based on academic results, personal motivation, and on the basis of a personal project.
Social Grants Rewards based on personal motivation as well as financial situation .

The main characteristics of those scholarships are as follows:

  • The scholarship allows the reduction of a certain percentage of the student’s annual study expenses (stated following the nature of the scholarship).
  • Applications should be sent to the headquarters of Sup'management before September 10th of each academic year and must include:
    • A cover letter stating the background, academic experience and the career plan
    • Une copie certifiée conforme de la carte d’identité
    • Recent ID pictures (3)
    • A certified copy of the last obtained degree(s)
    • A certified copy of transcripts from the last academic year
    • One stamped envelope
    • A sworn statement attesting to the accuracy of information provided (Model ATH)
    • For the social grant, an income certificate (ATR Model).
  • Prior to the scholarship application, the candidate must be enrolled at the school.
  • The jury of the Foundation reviews all applications received and makes sure they are properly filled in and accompanied with all the required documents