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AEI (Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

The Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (A.E.I.) is an initiative of the foundation FORCE and is attached to it.

It is governed by an Administrative Council reuniting experts in training, in entrepreneurship, as well as representatives of institutions linked to trades, investments, sustainable and social development, etc…

The goals of the Academy are essentially the following:

  • Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation on all levels
  • Advance the knowledge in the domain of entrepreneurship and develop and diffuse the specific pedagogical methods
  • Promote entrepreneurship education
  • Promote research development
  • Promote exchanges in experience, information, final research results between members and the socio-economic environment
  • Contribute to the development of an entrepreneurial and innovative economy
  • Help the instauration of mechanisms of entrepreneurial financing, SMEs and innovation, micro-finance
  • Integrate RSE in the Entrepreneurial Approach
  • Develop entrepreneurship internationally

The Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation organizes a certain number of activities allowing the realization of its objectives:

  • A review of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • A contest of entrepreneurial students and innovative behaviors
  • A prize of merit, delivered annually to institutions having excelled in the domains of action linked to the foundation’s missions.