Engineering School

In-depth Senior Cycle : Studies chart

Semester 7 "Fundamental"Semester 8 "Fundamental"
M1: Languages & Firm Environment I
CSAISI073 IT English I
CSAISI074 Entrepreneurship
M2: Information Systems knowledge for practicing engineering
CSAISI075 Information Systems Methodologyand toolsfor Engineering
CSAISI076 Processes and WorkFlow M3: Advanced Web Dynamic1
CSAISI077 Advanced Web Dynamic1
M4: Advanced Conception and Programming 1
CSAISI078 Advanced JAVA Programming
CSAISI079 Object Modelizationwith UML
M5: Advanced Database Administration I
CSAISI080 Oracle Database Administration : DBA I
CSAISI081 Object-Oriented DataBase
M6: languages and compilation Theory
CSAISI082 Languages and compilation Theory
M1: Languages & Firm Environment II
CSAISI083 IT English II
CSAISI084 Enhancment Training
M2: Systems and Networks Administration
CSAISI085 Systems and Networks Administration
M3: Integrated Information Systeme
CSAISI086 IntegratedSystemePro software(ERP)
CSAISI087 Information System Projects Managment
M4: Advanced Database AdministrationII
CSAISI088 Oracle Database Administration: DBA II
CSAISI089 Assigned Database
M5: Advanced Web Dynamic2
CSAISI090 .NET/C#Developement
CSAISI091 Web 2 : Ajax andJquery
M6: Advanced Conception and Programming 2
CSAISI092 python Language
CSAISI093 Design pattern
Semester 7 "Fundamental"Semester 8 "Fundamental"
M1: Languages & Firm Environment I
CSAIRST073 IT English I
CSAIRST074 Entrepreneurship
M2: Exploitation Systems Administration and Security
CSAIRST075 Win / UNIX Systems Administration
CSAIRST076 SecuritySystems
M3: TCP/IP Architecture andNetwork Programming
CSAIRST077 TCP/IP Architecture and Network Programming
M4: Telecoms Bases
CSAIRST078 Signal Treatment
CSAIRST079 Analogic and Digital Communication
M5: UML Database & Modelization
CSAIRST080 Object Modelizationwith UML
CSAIRST081 Oracle Database Administration: DBA
M6: Transmission Supports
CSAIRST082 Physical Transmission Supports
CSAIRST083 Radio Transmission Supports
M1: Languages & Firm Environment II
CSAIRST084 IT English II
CSAIRST085 Enhancement Training
M2: IT Networks Administration
CSAIRST086 NetworksServices Administration under Linux
CSAIRST087 Networksand Services Administration under Windows
M3: IT Networks Security
CSAIRST088 Cryptography
CSAIRST089 Threats and Network Attacks
M4: Landlineand Signals
CSAIRST090Switched Phone Networks
CSAIRST091Signals Networks
M5: Advanced Programming
M6: Telecom Networks
CSAIRST094 X25Networks
CSAIRST095 ATMNetworks and MPLS
Semester 9 "Deepening"Semester 10 "Deepening"
M1: Decisional Information Systems
CSAISI094 Decisional Information Systems
M2: Information Systems Security
CSAISI095 Information Systems Security
M3: WebService , J2EE
CSAISI096 WebService, J2EE
M4: Urbanization and Governance
CSAISI097 Urbanization and Governance
M5: Software Quality
CSAISI098 Pieces of software QualityInsurance
CSAISI099 Testingof Pieces of software
M6: Assigned and mobile Application
CSAISI100 Assigned Java, RMI, CORBA
CSAISI101 Mobile Programming
M1: Training andprofessional practices
CSAISI102 Professionalization Training
CSAISI104 End of Course Project
Semester 9 "Deepening"Semester 10 "Deepening"
M1: Artificial Intelligencewithin Networks
CSAIRST096 Smart Networks
CSAIRST097 Cognitive Networks
M2: Mobile Communications
CSAIRST098 Wireless Networks
CSAIRST099 Cellular Networks
M3: Information Theory
CSAIRST100 Coding and Information Theory
CSAIRST101 Image andSpeech Treatment
M4: Wave propagation and satellite networks
CSAIRST102 SatelliteNetworks
CSAIRST103 Radio and Antenna Wave Propagation
M5: Specialized Project and Operational Research
CSAIRST104 Specialized Projects
CSAIRST105 OperationalResearch
M6: Advanced Security
CSAIRST106 Firewelland Proxy
M1: Training andProfessional practices
CSAIRST108 ProfessionnalisationTraining
CSAIRST110 End of Course Project