Engineering School

Professional Cycle : Studies chart

Semester 1 "Initiation"Semester 2 "Determination"
M1: Languages & the enterprise environment I
TC001 Verbalization & Communication I
TC002 English I
TC003 General Economy
M2: Office dynamics and Systems
TC004 Introduction to Operating systems (Windows and Linux)
TC005 Office and Open Office
TC006 Networks and internet initiation
M3: Programming
TC007 Algorithms
TC008 Initiation to C language
M4: Mathematics for Informatics
TC009 General Mathematics
TC010 Mathematics for Informatic
M1: Languages and the enterprise environment II
TC011 Press revues & Media
TC012 English II
TC013 Economy for enterprise
M2: Computers Architecture
TC014 Computers Architecture
TC015 Logical Circuits
TC016 Microprocessors and Assembler
M3: Database structure
TC017 Database structure
TC018 C Language (advanced)
M4: Professional Environment I
TC019 Mini-project
TC021 Initiation Internship
Semester 3 "Deep learning"Semester 4 "Deep learning"
M1: Languages & the enterprise environment III
CPINI022 Verbalization & Communication III
CPINI023 English III
CPINI024 Spanish – German II
CPINI025 General Accounting
M2: Informative System and Databases
CPINI026 Conception of informative systems
CPINI027 Databases
CPINI028 Events Programming
M3: Object Oriented Conception and Programming
CPINI029 Object Oriented Conception
CPINI030 C++ Language
M4: Applied Mathematics
CPINI031 Digital Methods for Analysis and algebra
CPINI032 Graphs Theories and formal Calculus
CPINI033 Probabilities and statistics
M1: Languages and the enterprise environment IV
CPINI034 General Culture
CPINI035 English IV
CPINI036 Spanish / German II
CPINI037 Financial Analysis and management
M2: Operating Systems
CPINI038 Theory of Operating systems
CPINI039 Unix/Linux systems
CPINI040 Administration of Windows systems
M3: Multimedia
CPINI041 Digital images and virtual objects (Photoshop, flash, action script) 
CPINI042 Hypermedia Studio and acoustics
CPINI043 Systems for contents management
M4: Professional Environment II
CPINI044 Mini-project
CPINI046 Put-to-action internship
Semester 3 "Deep learning"Semester 4 "Deep learning"
M1: Languages and the enterprise environment III
CPISR022 Verbalization & Communication III
CPISR023 English III
CPISR024 Spanish / German III
CPISR025 General Accounting
M2: Systems and Nets I
CPISR026 Theory of Operating systems
CPISR027 System Unix / Linux
CPISR028 Informatics Network Theory
M3: Conception and Object Oriented Programming
CPISR029 Object Oriented Conceptions
CPISR030 Language C++
M4: Applied Mathematics
CPISR031 Digital Methods for analysis and algebra
CPISR032 Graph Theory and formal Calculus
CPISR033 Probabilities and Statistics
CPISR034 Operational Research
M1: Languages & the Enterprise Environment IV
CPISR035 General Culture
CPISR036 English IV
CPISR037 Spanish / German IV
CPISR038 Financial management and Analysis
M2: Systems and Networks II
CPISR039 Introduction to signal theories
CPISR040 Programming under Unix / Linux
CPISR041 Local Networks (make ready for the CCNA1 Certification
CPISR042 Protocol TCP/IP and Internet
M3: Advanced Programming
CPISR043 Compilation theory
CPISR044 Advance C++ Programming
M4: Professional Environment II
CPISR045 Mini-Project II
CPISR047 Put-to-act Training Period
Semester 5 "Fundamental"Semester 6 "Specialization"
M1: Languages & the enterprise environment V
CPINI047 English for informatics V
CPINI049 Spanish / German III
CPINI050 Labor & social Laws
M2: Web development
CPINI051 Web pages structure and presentation
CPINI052 Web dynamics (PHP/MySQL) 
M3: Software conception
CPINI053 Analysis and Object Oriented Conception UML
CPINI054 Object Oriented Programming JAVA
CPINI055 Workshop for Software conception
M4: Decisional Informatics
CPINI057 Database analysis
CPINI058 Operational Research
CPINI059 Management of informatics projects
M1: Languages & the enterprise environment VI
CPINI060 English for informatics IV
CPINI062 Spanish / German IV
CPINI063 Marketing Informative systems
M2: Advanced Net
CPINI064 Web 2: Ajax Query
CPINI065 E-commerce
CPINI067 WEB Project
M3 : Networks
CPINI068 Why informatics Networks
CPINI069 Local Nets
CPINI070 Security and cryptography
M4: End of Cycle Project (PFC) 
CPINI072 Specialization Internship
Semester 5 "Fundamental"Semester 6 "Specialization"
M1: Languages & the enterprise environment V
CPISR048 English for informatics V
CPISR050 Spanish / German V
CPISR051 Labor & social Laws
M2: Web development and Databases
CPISR052 Structure and presentation of Web pages
CPISR053 Web dynamic (Java script and PHP) 
CPISR054 Relational Databases
M3: Networks and Telecoms
CPISR055 Data transmission
CPISR054 VIP - Protocol and functioning
CPISR056 Web and RNIS services
CPISR057 Project (Telecom Nets) 
M4: Dispatched Applications
CPISR058 JAVA Programming
CPISR059 Architecture and client- provider programmation
CPISR060 Distributed systems
M1: Languages & the enterprise environment VI
CPISR061 English for informatics VI
CPISR063 Spanish / German VI
CPISR064 Marketing
M2: Networks and Security
CPISR065 ‘ROUTAGE’ (preparation to the CCBA2 Certification) 
CPISR066 Networks Security
CPISR067 Systems Security
M3: System Administration
CPISR068 Windows systems Administration
CPISR069 Unix systems administration
M4 End of cycle project (PFC) 
CPISR071 Specialization Internship