New Partnership with the Alas Peruanas University (Lima-Peru) for the double degree for the Group's Masters, with an exchange semester done in Lima. The cooperation also covers scientific research, exchanges at the level of students, teachers, and administrators..

Launching of the Group’s Doctoral School, allowing the "Bac + 5" candidates to prepare a PhD of the :

  • - Euroamerican International University (E.I.U) - USA
  • - Central University of Nicaragua (U.C.N) - Nicaragua
  • - AZTECA University - Mexico

New partnership with Costa del Sol Superior School of Tourism - Malaga Spain assuring a steady students exchange between Sup’management Academic Institution and the ESTCS, This partnership will allow Sup’management’s students to continue their studies in the ESTCS and reach for the diploma of University Enterprises and Touristic Management expertise (GEAT), in the twin partnership with the UCAM (San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University).

New partnership with Paris South University – IUT of Sceaux (France) for the purpose of students’ exchange, allowing Sup’management students to follow up and end their studies in the IUT University of Sceaix and thus get ready for the DCG, (the first diploma certifying the reaching of accountant’s expertise), as well as for the purpose of teachers exchange over periods of time still to be determined.

New Partnership with the French public grand engineers’ school “ENSIIE” (National High Informatics School for Industry and Enterprise) in Paris – France, for students exchange and for the Sup’management’ students to pursue and finalize their studies within the ENSIIE compounds in Paris and obtain the Diploma of “Engineer” or “Master Research”.

New Partnership with the Business and Management School in Madrid – Spain (Escuela de Negocios y Direccion) and with its partner “ Miguel de Cervantes de Valladelid European University” for three types of double or twin diplomas MBA. Academic Experts or academic Specialists.

Sup’management Group has been chosen since September the 14th 2012 and elected as a privileged Member of the ACADEMIC COMMITTEE FOR SOLIDARITY (COMITE UNIVERSITAIRE DE SOLIDARITE) (CUS), which is a European Institution harbored in Brussels, Belgium.

Seen as such, the Group has also earned the title of "ASSURING QUALITY EDUCATION"

This means thus that the Group has again been bestowed with another distinctive label which undoubtedly adds fame and trust to the many other labels gathered up till today in recognition of the celebrity, performance and credibility of the Group’s endeavor to assure and deliver higher quality education and projects.